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We specialize in the topics bellow.

Is your client having property compulsorily acquired for a town centre redevelopment, road improvement, other public purpose? If so we can advise and negotiate compensation with the acquiring authority.

Do you have a house depreciated in value by noise, vibration, smell and other physical factors from the use of new or extended public works such as motorways, other roads, airport runways and so on? We can help you prepare and lodge what is known as a Part 1 claim against the Authority for compensation.

Do you require a valuation for inheritance tax (IHT) or capital gains tax (CGT)?

Do you need help with an application for planning permission to a local planning authority or with an appeal against a refusal of planning permission or against a condition in the grant of a planning permission you don't like?

Do you require an architect to supervise the construction of a house or other building? We have an Architect and Town Planner.

Do you have a problem with the construction of a building and require help in identifying the defect and putting it right? We have a Building Surveyor who can help.

Do you require the value of a farm or estate or sporting rights? We have specialists in both rural valuations and agriculture.

Are you involved in rent review negotiations for a shop, office, factory or other commercial property and need advice on the appropriate rent?

Do you need a report by an expert in building services such as air conditioning, heating and so on? If so we have a Building Services Engineer.

Do you need someone to organise and manage on behalf of all the owners, the repair or refurbishment of a tenement roof or other common repairs in a tenement? If so we have an RICS qualified Building Surveyor.

Do you need an expert witness to provide written reports for arbitrations and/or appear in the Sheriff Court, Court of Session or the Lands Tribunal for Scotland or the Scottish Land Court?

Do you have to sell your property to make way for opencast coal extraction? We will negotiate a sale price of your property with the opencast coal operator.

Do you have a problem with noise? Perhaps excessive noise coming through floors or ceilings from adjoining properties? We have an acoustics expert to measure noise and recommend remedial action.

We also provide specialist advice to other firms of Chartered Surveyors, Solicitors, Architects, Chartered Accountants and Engineers. We can help with all of that and much more.

Use the Contact link above or telephone. Murning Associates are keen to hear from you. Email us or give us a call and leave your details!

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